Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Launchers and Stadiums

Good launchers and good stadiums

Launchers-when getting a launcher, you should always get a string launcher.  A good thing to have is a handle.  It adds more stability to your launch.
Stadium-a stadium does not really matter.  If you want a stadium that will be good for attack beyblades use a stadium with areas for a beyblade to fly out.  Same with defense.  If you want a stadium that will help with stamina you should get a stadium that has no areas for the beyblade to fly out.  For a balance it does not matter.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tornado Beyblades

Tornado Beyblades don't have stamina defense attack and balance but each tornado Beyblade has it's own special features.  Tornado Beyblades are taller Beyblades that are not customizable, but they are like a tornado because they make the air around it into a little tornado and that's without wind. The other kind of Beyblades do the same thing but weaker and that's without wind too.  I think that's because tornado Beyblades are built to control the wind around it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where to buy Beyblades

You can buy Beyblades at Target, Meijer or Toys R Us.   If you want to buy Beyblades online you can google for Beyblades or you can use Amazon, Ebay or you can just google Beyblade.
If you are a beginner I would recommend a launcher named wind launcher.  You just press a button and it spins the Beyblade.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Beyblades Spin Like They Do

Why Beyblades Spin Like They Do

Stamina Attack Defense Balance

Stamina-stamina Beyblades can spin for a very long time and almost always have a thin, wide, metal wheel and a sharp  tip.  But if you want your Beyblade to have defense too, then you can use a metal wheel that is thick and a little bit wide (like the metal wheel Earth).
Attack-attack Beyblades are good at head on attacking but have bad stamina.  They are bad at stamina because the Beyblade has a lot of friction and movement. That makes them have more resistance on the stadium.  If you have a tip that does not have a lot of friction and movement, the Beyblade will become defense or stamina.
Defense-defense Beyblades almost always have a thick metal wheel and a tall spin track.  They are good at withstanding attacks from attack beyblades and they are also good at attacking.   For example, it’s like me hitting a wall which would hurt me more than the wall.  So it’s like the wall is hitting me.
Balance-balance Beyblades are decently good at everything.  Because of that, they have no weak points that the other Beyblades can take advantage of.  But balance Beyblades do not have full stamina, defense, and attack.  A good metal wheel for a balance type Beyblade is dark.  It is decently thick, decently wide, and it has blades on it that makes it good for attacking. A good tip for a balance type is FS.  It is a flat tip with a small point in the middle.  It starts out in the middle of the stadium because of the point, and when it gets hit it tips over on the flat part making it instantly turn into an attack type. Depending upon how good the balance type is, it will be good against certain Beyblades. A bad balance type will not be good at anything.  A decent balance type will be good against attack Beyblades.  A good balance type will be good against defense and attack.  A very good balance type will be good against some stamina types, attack types, and defense types.
Beyblades-all Beyblades are good for one strategy, unless you have a balance type.  Almost all Beyblades spin right and orbit the stadium leftward.

Left Spinners-Left spinners orbit and spin the opposite way normal Beyblades do.  When a left spinner fights a right spinner the attack powers are increased because when a left spinner and a right spinner are launched they come from total opposite ways.  When normal Beyblades hit, the metal wheels are actually hitting each other opposite ways, but when a left and a right spinner hit the metal wheels are going the same direction.  When a left spinner has rubber on it and it battles a right spinner, the rubber absorbs the spin of the other Beyblade.  These effects do not apply if a left verses a left.

ps. beyblades are customizable tops, and the suggested parts aren't the only ones you should use (by the time you read this it will probably be very old).